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The Paddle North Karve Kayak 2.0 XL is a two person inflatable kayak for recreational paddling. Inflatables Are easier to store and travel with, and this one still provides plenty of rigidity for a stable float. An included manual pump makes inflation quick and easy. Grab a paddle partner and get on the water this summer. Features of the Paddle North Karve Kayak XL Constructed from premium military grade drop stitch PVC, the same proven material that our Portager and Sport Utility Dock Are constructed from Tracking: Tracking is the holy grail of paddling and is the primary focus of the Kayak. From it’s aggressive displacement hull shape to the 12” removable fin – this kayak tracks extremely straight. Balance: At 14′ x 33” x 17”, this Board is well balanced to handle extreme water resistance and paddler weight up to 600 lbs. Durability: The kayak is inflatable, but doesn’t feel like it. It’s extremely rigid and forgiving on the water. Backed by our full 2-year Warranty. Lightweight: 44 lbs. For this size of Kayak, it is extremely light. Storage: Water resistant storage under front and rear cover. The Shape Explained: The Kayak is the ultimate combination of a recreational and touring kayak. With every ounce of stability of a recreational kayak, but with the Performance of a touring kayak. At 33? wide, the kayak has significant stability for paddlers of all shapes and sizes. The extra width allows the paddler to sit comfortably with legs stretched. At 14? the kayak is designed to track straighter, move faster, and glide further. Designed with a molded ABS nose and tail cone to help cut water and provide impact attenuation. Kayak is designed to hold 10 – 12 PSI. A pressure relief valve has been added to release air when pressure reaches 18 PSI. Package: x2 Karve Kayak Attachable Comfort Seat, x1 Detachable fin, x1 Heavy Duty Bag. Complete With Padded Shoulder And Waist Straps, Roller Wheels And Pn Patch Display, x1 Dual Stage Manual Pump, x 2 Collapsible Aluminum Kayak Paddle

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