BOTE DEUS Aero 11ft Inflatable Kayak


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The BOTE DEUS Aero 11ft Inflatable Kayak is an inflatable sit-on-top kayak for adventuring all summer long. The wheeled duffel allows for easy storing, even quicker packing into the car, and super simple wheeling from car to water’s edge. Pump up the boat with included hand pump and spend the day paddling. Feeling like getting a bit of SUP action in instead? No problem, just remove the seat portion and foot bar (if installed) and stand right up. Stable, durable, and designed for fun. Paddle not included. Features of the BOTE DEUS Aero 11? Inflatable Kayak DEUS Aero 11′ Classic Teak Inflatable Kayak reigns in portability Performance and versatility while giving you more time on the water by making the entire process effortless 1,000-mile road trip, the DEUS Aero was engineered to maximize fun and revolutionize the way you kayak DEUS Aero’s sit-on-top design and self-bailing cockpit, keeps you comfortable and dry during your long awaited time on the water DEUS Aero can be converted from sit-on-top kayak to SUP in seconds Simply remove the top chamber and it becomes a super stable stand up paddle Board Constructed with our Aero Technology to ensure peak rigidity and Performance Military-grade PVC skin means AeroBOTEs can withstand being tossed around, banged, bumped, and scraped with low risk of damage or permanent blemish AeroBOTE construction allows BOTE inflatable kayaks to transform from folded up travel bag into a fully functional kayak in minutes, allowing for superior ease of transportation and storage Construction:-?Inflatable AeroBOTE Technology Optimal Inflation:-?10-15 PSI Optimal Removable Seat Back Inflation:-?5-7 PSI Travel Bag Dimensions:-?36in. +? 17in. +? 13in.

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