Volt Resistance Avalanche X 7V Extreme Gloves – Men’s, Black, Small

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Volt Resistance Men’s Accessories Avalanche X 7V Extreme Gloves – Men’s Black Small GL7VAVXS. Why is it extreme you might ask? In order to be a part of our extreme line of Volt Heat products you need extra heat extra heat coverage extra insulation and extreme features. The Avalanche X has a built-in external controller that allows you to easily identify each power setting and gives you the option to select between 3 power settings to your desired heat output. With 20percent more heat coverage you will feel why this glove is a part of the Extreme family. Soothing heat radiates all around each finger(including thumb) and extends over the fingertips heating both sides of the hand. The added high retention insulation also helps trap heat in and keep cold air out. Even if you run out of battery power during your cold weather adventure you can enjoy warm hands with the Avalanche X gloves. Complete with two rechargeable batteries and a dual wall charger you can simply remove your battery plug it in to the charger and be back in to warm hands within hours. If you want all day high power heat you can have multiple charged batteries with you and just switch them out as they run out of power.A toggle cinch gauntlet will give you the confidence to tackle the deepest powder without worrying about getting snow under your cuff. A ski leash has also been added to the Avalanche X so you can take your gloves off but keep them with you around your wrist. Premium rich leather and a pre-curved design help maintain dexterity and fit like a dream. The double reinforced leather palm make the Avalanche X gloves tough enough for even the most extreme outdoor activity.With the added heat coverage extra hi retention insulation external push button temp controller and other subtle upgrades the Avalanche X heated gloves by Volt are truly Extreme.