UST Deluxe Map Compass

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UST Deluxe Map Compass. The Deluxe Map Reading Compass is filled with clear base for improved map reading. You can enjoy multiple measurement scales for precise route planning. Don’t get lost make sure you know where you are and where you’re going. The U.S.T. Map Navigation Compass lets you do just that. Specifications for UST Deluxe Map Compass: Manufacturer: UST Additional Features: 1-25.000 Scales Color: Clear Included Accessories: Includes attached breakaway lanyard Illumination Type: Non-Illuminated Weight: 23 g Features of U.S.T. Navigation Compass: Liquid-filled compass Swivel bezel Extended clear base plate for improved map reading Multiple measurement scales for precise route planning Adjustable marching line Break-away lanyard Package Contents: UST Deluxe Map Compass Liquid-filled compass with swivel bezel and magnifier.

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