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The Oru Kayak Haven is a foldable kayak for two people. Origami isn’t just for school kids anymore, fold at the lines and you’ve got yourself a real life boat you can paddle on actual water. It’s made for two paddlers, but convert it and paddle single if it so pleases you. Just slightly over sixteen feet when built, but folds down into a box for sliding into truck bed, trunk, or easy storage. It’s durable in case you slide over an unexpected rock bed and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. Grab a friend and get to the water’s edge. Features of the Oru Kayak Haven Built for two, the haven is a folding tandem with impeccable Performance and unmatched portability Paddle with your family, friends, or convert to a single just because you can Haven combines stability, easy setup, and Performance – it’s a boat with endless possibilities On the water, the 16 foot haven is capable of both speed and strength and easy stable paddling It’s fully convertible, so you can paddle with a partner or solo, depending on your mood or adventure Since it’s an open cockpit boat, it’s perfect for use in smooth, calm water (mainly lakes, rivers, and streams) Its large open cockpit accommodates dogs, small kids, or coolers for fishing Best for first-time paddlers, beginners, and families, but all levels will enjoy this recreational kayak Fairing handles: Easy grip to pull in and out of water or carry with a friend Adjustable backrest: Fully adjustable with padding for the long haul Adjustable footrest: Keep your legs comfortable during paddling Integrated track system: Add-on additional accessories (fishing rod, cup holder etc.) Deck buckle-closure system: Side-release deck buckles for easy and intuitive assembly Tension rod: Added strength and rigidity for sleeck Performance Seat pad: Comfortable cushion for long excursions or short outings

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