Brunton TruArc15 Mirror Compass Metric

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Brunton TruArc15 Mirror Compass Metric. Reading in metric units this compass provides an accurate reading anywhere with a rare earth magnet that resists interference and will not lose polarity. Also it has a sighting mirror that provides full coverage for extra protection and is waterproof to 300′ deep. The TruArc 15 has the ability to adjust declination 180 without needing tools and it features a map magnifier and triple clinometer system. Additionally there are a bubble level and magnified readout. Specifications for Brunton TruArc15 Mirror Compass Metric: Manufacturer: Brunton Additional Features: Map Magnifier Sighting Mirror Clinometer Declination Adjustment Weight: 3.2 oz Compass Type: Accessory Application: Hiking Features of Brunton TruArc15 Mirror Compass Metric TruArc Global Needle; Ever-North Magnet; Map Magnifier; Sighting Mirror; Bubble Level; Clinometer: Magnified Readout; 1 Degree Resolution;high visibility cling for enhanced performance in low light which can also be removed to facilitate taking a bearing from a map. Precision Package Contents: Brunton TruArc15 Mirror Compass Metric Lanyard Brunton F-TRUARC15: TruArc15 Mirror Compass Metric

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