Trangia 27-5 UL Stove

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Trangia Camp & Hike 27-5 UL Stove 140275. 0 liter saucepans graded and ungraded 1 non-stick fry pan 18 cm. Weight: 1.87 lbs. The Trangia stove is used today by outdoor Person all over the world. For half a century the Trangia stove has been the natural choice for a storm-proof stove. Developed and designed to cope with the most extreme mountain conditions. Refined in performance and material quality without abandoning its fundamental principle. The Trangia Original is and remains the original – a lightweight simple and above all reliable outdoor stove.?Non StickThe non-stick coating gives the ideal surface for frying and requires little or no cooking fat. It also makes washing up easier because nothing sticks. Non-stick is slightly more susceptible to scratches and abrasion so use only wood or plastic utensils. The non-stick coating has high resistance to heat and low friction and was originally developed by NASA. For those who want light packs fuss-free eating and easy washing up.