Shred Basher Ultimate Snow Helmet


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Features of the Shred Basher Ultimate Snow Helmet SHRED. ROTATIONAL ENERGY SYSTEM, Patent-pending Technology that manages the effects of rotational accelerations to the head on impact by allowing a relative movement between the helmet and the head through the use of ultra-thin, multi-directional absorption units made with an elastic layer CASIDION, Revolutionary nanoTech foam that goes beyond the Performance of traditional materials. This absorption element offers protection even in the case of repeated impacts and provides an extraordinarily High impact absorption efficiency, allowing it to be thinner and lighter than other commonly used components XT2, Anti-microbial Technology that Uses silver to provide permanent odor protection FIS RH 2013, Certified according to FIS RH 2013 ski racing helmet safety standards CUSTOM Fit KIT, An additional set of thicker pads and ear pieces to fine tune the helmet?s Fit SL CHIN GUARD, Fully compatible with SHRED. Hard-Ear Chin Guards Tapered Hard Shell with CASIDION NanoTech SHRED, Shield toughened ABS This helmet carries the official FIS RH 2013 compliance label

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