SHED, TSL 227 Escape Composite Snowshoe, Camo

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TSL Footwear Shed 227 Escape Composite Shoe Camo ESC227CAMOSHED. The 217 and 227 CAMO offer really good flotation. Technically sophisticated and offering great traction. Foot size easily memorized they are simple and comfortable to use. Heel block tightening via the instep strap is secure and reliable. Features/Specifications: Hourglass shape : allows for easier stride when walkingLock Adjustment : This easy-to-use adjustment memorizes your shoe size for all your snowshoeing outings.Tightening through a ratchet system for a secure and fast fitLateral Adjust : offer greater comfort with their side adjustment system that will accept any width of shoe to give maximum foot surround.Sound and Shock Absorbing System (SSAS)Heel lift : facilitates hiking during long climbsreduces calf muscle fatigueHeel block : only for transporting or storing snowshoeDelivered in Snowshoe storage bag.