Sff Tenkara Fly Rod 10Ft 6In

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When it comes to choosing gear and rigging up for a day on the water, fly anglers can be more selective than their quarry. Simplifying your choices can make you a more opportunistic angler focused on making quality presentations to the fish right in front of you rather than agonizing on the bank over the perfect line, rod action and fly pattern. This faster-action 10′ 6″ tenkara rod is the perfect all-around length for fishing with nymphs, soft hackles, streamers and big dry-flies like hoppers; it imparts lifelike action to the fly that can reduce lockjaw in overeducated fish in challenging settings like spring creeks and heavily fished waters. The rod telescopes from an easily packed 20.5″ to full length in seconds; a simple line keeper on the butt section means you’re set up and fishing in a matter of minutes. The rod sock holds a spare tip and second section (included), protects the rod in its compact state and has a built-in line holder that stores the line in a wide loop when not in use.