Pinarello Prince FX Disk Ultegra Di2 Road Bike

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In Pinarello’s internal brand hierarchy, the Prince FX Disk Ultegra Di2 Road Bike slots in just below the revered Dogma lineup and a podium step above the famed Prince. Pinarello’s mission with the Prince FX was not merely to create a trickle-down of the Tour winning features of the Dogma, but to enhance the capacity of their already stunning mid-range Prince. The result is a pure road racing machine for the demanding cyclist. Maintaining a race geometry and many of the signature features that endeared the Prince to us, T900 carbon elevates the excitement and ride characteristics of the Prince FX, inching it closer to the elite demands of the Dogma. The net effect is that the Prince FX brings Pinarello race tech out of our dreams and into our hands. Since we’ve situated in terms of Pinarello’s hierarchy, it’s easy to think the Prince FX is a budget bike for racers who value “high performance” but can’t accommodate the correspondingly high price. That’s not the case; the Prince FX is a race bike through and through, every bit equal to the pedigree of its namesake.The Prince FX receives Pinarello’s advanced asymmetrical construction, aerodynamic touches at the dropouts and the head tube, and the Di2-friendly Think2 E-Link port on the downtube. The flatback tube shaping not only makes for a subtly aggressive and performance-oriented silhouette but also improves the aerodynamic advantages of the Prince FX with a rounded leading edge and a truncated trailing edge. You’d be excused for assuming this is simply a Dogma made from slightly heavier material — we certainly did when we first threw a leg over its top tube.An Ultegra Di2 drivetrain offers an accessible, pro-inspired component system for intuitive and stress-free shifting, while the disc brakes modernize the Prince FX and not only allow for enhance stopping modulation but also clears room for the frame to accommodate 28mm tires.