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The MSR XGK EX is an expedition-proven stove that’s trusted by mountaineers for reliable Performance in extreme conditions. When you’re far above the treeline and away from any rivers or streams, you’ll be grateful for the uncompromising Performance as you melt Snow at High altitude. It is capable of boiling 1 liter of water in under 3 minutes, and maintains itself with the Shaker Jet? which cleans as you hike (it has a little needle which bobs around as you move, cleaning the fuel jet). Featuring a flexible fuel line, you can stow this stove into a 1.5-liter pot. These qualities have made this stove a backcountry staple for over 35 years and, unless they Finally come out with a stove-app, is sure to be around for at least 35 more. Features of the MSR XGK EX Stove Burns white gas, kerosene, diesel, jet fuel, aviation gas and unleaded auto gas Shaker Jet Technology and unique fuel delivery ensure the cleanest burn possible with minimal maintenance regardless of fuel Rugged Build: Engineered for exceptional stability and lasting durability Fast: A Snow-melting and water-boiling powerhouse, boiling water in as little as 2.8 minutes Multi-Fuel: Reliably burns more liquid fuels than any other stove Dependable: Easy to field maintain Shaker Jet cleans fuel jet with a simple shake Compact: Flexible fuel line allows stove to Fit in a 1.5-liter MSR pot Made in USA Includes: Fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit, instructions, and stuff sack