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MSR WindPro II Stove is a versatile camp stove that aims to meet all of your group cooking needs. It can run in traditional upright mode for efficiency and flame control or the canister can be inverted on the included stand to deliver liquid gas directly to the burner. That was almost word for word from MSR’s site because, let’s face it, they know more about stoves than I do. (If this were a product description for wearing a hat sideways, I’d be the authority). What I do know about this stove is this: it weighs in at a lightweight 6.6 oz, packs into a one liter pot, and boils water quickly even in cold weather and at elevation. Features of the MSR WindPro II Stove Inverted Liquid-Feed: Inverting canister allows stove to run on liquid fuel for increased cold-weather and low-fuel Performance Remote Burner: Added stability for use with large pots and allows the use of a windscreen for maximum efficiency Supports pots up to 10in. maximum diameter Compatible with bake ovens Stove combines the stability and wind protection of a remote-burner design with the convenience of canister fuel Unlike other canister stoves the WindPro II is capable of running on liquid-feed direct from the canister