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The MSR WindBurner Stove System is a camping stove for solo trips into the backcountry. Using the same Technology from the Reactor; stove, the radiant burner is wrapped inside a windproof design so you can quickly bring water to a boil for your next meal or morning coffee. The mug can be used to eat or drink from directly thanks to the cozy wrapped around it for safety from heat, just unlock it from the stove base and secure the detachable bowl. The lid Features a hole to be used for straining excess liquid as well as drinking out of. When meal time is over, pack everything into the mug and off to bed or your next camp. Features of the MSR WindBurner Stove System The WindBurner is a compact, all-in-one integrated stove and cookwAre system that includes a secure locking pot and personal mug with cozy 100% primary air combustion, internal pressure regulator and enclosed design all combine to make the WindBurner completely windproof. The compact design allows the stove burner, a 4oz IsoPro(TM) fuel canister (NOT included) , and folding canister stand to all pack inside the pot, and the extra full-sized bowl snaps onto the outside Lid has drinking and straining ports, so less messes you guys Insulated cozy with a handle makes it easy to hold the mug while you eat or drink Includes an extra 16 oz full-sized bowl Radiant burner and heat exchanger offer super fast boil times and better fuel efficiency than stoves that only use convective heat. 1L or 18. L pot with heat exchanger A secure connection with the stove for safer and easier use Pressure regulator helps unsure a consistent Performance Included folding canister stand prevents the WindBurner from tipping over in windy conditions, or on uneven terrain Compatible with optional MSR cookwAre accessories including the WindBurner Accessory Pots, WindBurner Skiller, WindBurner Hanging Kit, and WindBurner Coffee Press Kit. Built in the USA with imported parts.

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