MSR SuperFly Stove

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The Superfly is MSR’s most versatile and adaptable canister stove, capable of running on most domestic and international fuel canisters via the Multi-Mount? interface. The sturdy design can accommodate larger pots and the broad flame delivers even heating and fast boil times. It can boil 1 liter of water in 3 minutes. Three minutes! Before switching to the Superfly, I used an alcohol stove which had a boil time of like 6-8 minutes. But now, after a day of hiking, that decreased wait-time is very noticeable and very much appreciated. It takes up very little pack space (can Fit in your pot) and weighs in at less than 1/3 lb. Features of the MSR SuperFly Stove Universal: Multi-mount interface Fits most domestic and international canisters Fast: 3-minute boil time Compact: Disperses heat for better cooking Performance Full Flame Control: From simmer to boil Compatible with most self-sealing fuel canisters and sturdy pot supports add stability for larger pots A broad flame delivers even heating