Metolius Astro Nut Set


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We added a transverse taper and silicon-bronze to the revolutionary Curve Nut shape to give the Astro Nut Free Set a tenacious bite in each and every placement. The finest materials, combined with our patented shape, give you a powerful tool for protecting micro-sized fissures. We looked at many different alloys before settling upon silicon-bronze. Steel was just too hard for micro nuts and didn’t allow them to seat into placements, while aluminum was too soft and didn’t provide enough structural strength. Silicon bronze is the perfect material (although very costly) as it exhibits High strength, yet is still soft enough to let the nut bite into the rock’s surface and seat into position with maximum holding power. Additionally, on our larger sizes, we Are able to introduce curves into the faces of the Astro Nuts, giving them a massive placement advantage over regular, straight-sided pieces. The small collars on Curve Nuts Are color-coded for quick identification. Astro Nuts Are a huge addition to anyone’s rack, aid climbers, free climbers and alpinists alike. Final SALE: For safety reasons, we cannot accept returns on load-bearing Climbing equipment. Sorry for being so mean. Features of the Metolius Astro Nuts Set Pre-packaged sets of 5 Astro Nuts Includes comprehensive instructions on use, cAre and maintenance Available as Aid Set #1-5 or Free Set #6-10