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Jetboil MightyMo Stove. Jetboil designed these Canister Stoves to boil water in about 3 minutes using only half the fuel of competing systems. This Jetboil MightyMo Precision Cooking System has a four-turn regulator that allows you to incrementally adjust the heat from a light simmer to full boil to best suit your current needs. These systems accommodate Jetboil skillets and FluxRing cooking pots without the need for pot support and the push-button lighter is incredibly simple to use providing you with instant heat in temperatures all the way down to 20-degrees F. Pick up a Jetboil MightyMo Compact Cooking System to serve up hot meals while out enjoying nature. Specifications for Jetboil MightyMo Stove: Manufacturer: Jetboil Packed Size: 4.1 x 3.75 in Weight: 3.3 oz Fuel Type: Isobutane Mixed Canister Stove Type: Canister Color: Silver Fabric/Material: Aluminum Model: MightyMo Boil Time: 3m per 1 liter in FluxRing Cooking Pot (avg. over life of 1lb Jetpower can) Burn Time: 12 liters per 100 g Jetpower can Features of Jetboil MightyMo Cooking System: Can reach a rolling boil in roughly three minutes with half the fuel consumption of traditional systems Four-turn regulator offers incremental heat adjustments from light simmer to full boil perfect for sauteing greens simmering sauces and more Accommodates a Jetboil skillet and FluxRing cooking pot without the need for pot support (fuel skillet and pot sold separately) Convenient and reliable pushbutton igniter allows for consistent performance down to 20 degrees F (-6 degrees C) One-year limited warranty Folds down to 2 in x 3 in without the fuel canister Package Contents: Jetboil MightyMo Cooking System Jetboil MTYM: MightyMos Jetboil MTYM: MightyMos