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Garmin’s new Vivoactive 4 is in many ways one of the best support systems available to us in these rapid, get-it-done-now days. How we managed throughout any given day used to be entirely subjective. And while our own interpretations and feelings still matter, the Vivofit 4 and its plethora of built-in features provide informative, motivating, objective data to your day. Underneath the refined Gorilla glass and updated bezel, this always-on health and fitness wearable serves as a powerful diet, sleep, hydration, wellness, and fitness coach, as well as your on-the-spot personal secretary. And peeling away at the plethora of analytics built into the Vivoactive, you’ll find its primary focuses are providing valuable data to you based on the lifestyle you are leading, and working you towards more mindful goal setting to achieve the lifestyle you want.Sleep is still a mystery to most of us, but the Vivoactive 4 dives right into crucial sleep cycle data like light, deep, and REM sleep cycle quality to help you take full advantage of nature’s best restorative feature. Stay on top of fluid intake with the hydration tracking feature before getting to those morning workouts. For novice exercisers or those of us that just need some tips on a new workout, an abundance preloaded and guided yoga, Pilates, or even custom animated workouts are on-hand (or on-wrist, actually). Keep pushing for PRs on your recreation loop the Vivoactive 4 has GPS tracking of over twenty preloaded sports, such as swimming, indoor running, and cycling. If you feel that you may have pegged it too hard in the morning workout or maybe feel like hitting that two-a-day session, check in with the Body Battery Energy function to see live details on your energy levels and total stress accumulations. And for adventurous weekends that inspire solo trail rides and runs, the built-in safety and tracking features can broadcast your location to connected contacts for peace of mind. The Vivoactive 4 is a feature …