Fjallraven Kanken Mini Daypack 7 Liters Fog/Pink One Size Size


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Fjallraven Kanken Mini Daypack 7 Liters Fog/Pink One Size Size. The Mini-version is suitable for small children as well as for full grown adults who are looking for a small backpack. It is perfect for carrying a change of clothes for preschool or food on an outing and as a smart everyday bag for books water bottles fruit and more. The shoulder straps are long and adjustable and fit both small and big backs. They can be fastened with a clasp so that they are not in the way when at their tightest. The material is hard-wearing lightweight Vinylon F fabric that is able to withstand dirt and wetness. The main compartment has a large zipped opening which makes it easy to pack and unpack. Two flat side pockets and a zipped pocket on the front. The included PE foam seat cushion is stored in the interior back pocket and also prevents the contents in the main compartment from poking against your back. Handles at the top and slender adjustable shoulder straps. The logo on the front is reflective. It also has an address label inside the main compartment. Specifications for Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack: Manufacturer: Fjallraven Size: One Size Gender: Unisex Weight: 220 g Pack Application: Urban Pack Volume: 7 liters Body Material: 100percent Vinylal Width: 20 cm Condition: New Pack Loading: Front Pack Type: Urban/School Packs Age Group: Adults Features of Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack Popular backpack in hardwearing Vinylon F fabric. Carried as a backpack or a bag via convertible straps. Removable seat pad reflective logo. Name and address label on inside of pack. Package Contents: Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack Fjallraven F23561-519: Kanken Mini Backpack Blue Ridge One Size Fjallraven F23561-537-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Ultramarine One Size Fjallraven F23561-241-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Peach Sand One Size Fjallraven F23561-160-916-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Ochre-Confetti Pattern One Size Fjallraven F23561-631-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Foilage Green One Size Fjallraven F23561-241-243-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Peach Sand-Terracotta Brown One Size Fjallraven F23561-243-537-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Teracotta Brown/Ultramarine One Size Fjallraven F23561-055-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Flint Grey One Size Fjallraven F23561-667-OS: Kanken Mini Daypack 7 Liters Arctic Green One Size Fjallraven F23561-115-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Light Oak One Size Fjallraven F23561-664-916-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Frost Green-Confetti Pattern One Size Fjallraven F23561-350-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Korall One Size Fjallraven F23561-631-241-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Foliage Green/Peach Sand One Size Fjallraven F23561-501-115-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Sky Blue-Light Oak One Size Fjallraven F23561-667-206-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Arctic Green-Spicy Orange One Size Fjallraven F23561-021: Kanken Mini Backpack Fog One Size Fjallraven F23561-663-One Size: Kanken Mini Backpack Apple Mint One Size Fjallraven F23561-228-One Size: Kanken Mini Backpack Khaki Dust One Size Fjallraven F23561-600: Kanken Mini Backpack Mint Green One Size Fjallraven F23561-571-One Size: Kanken Mini Backpack Cobalt Blue One Size Fjallraven F23561-457: Kanken Mini Backpack Pastel Lavender One Size Fjallraven F23561-160: Kanken Mini Backpack Ochre One Size Fjallraven F23561-550: Kanken Mini Backpack Black One Size Fjallraven F23561-031: Kanken Mini Backpack Graphite One Size Fjallraven F23561-046: Kanken Mini Backpack Smalluper Grey One Size Fjallraven F23561-560: Kanken Mini Backpack Navy One Size Fjallraven F23561-326: Kanken Mini Backpack Ox Red One Size Fjallraven F23561-312: Kanken Mini Backpack Pink One Size Fjallraven F23561-501: Kanken Mini Backpack Smallky Blue One Size Fjallraven F23561-540: Kanken Mini Backpack Royal blue One Size Fjallraven F23561-660: Kanken Mini Backpack Forest Green One Size Fjallraven F23561-664: Kanken Mini Backpack Frost Green One Size Fjallraven F23561-243-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Terracotta Brown One Size Fjallraven F23561-135-One Size: Kanken Mini Daypack Kantarell One Size Fjallraven F23561-421-OS: Kanken Mini Daypack 7 Liters Royal Purple One Size Fjallraven F23561-021-312-OS: Kanken Mini Daypack 7 Liters Fog/Pink One Size Fjallraven F23561-221: Kanken Mini Pack Clay Fjallraven F23561-021-312-OS: Kanken Mini Daypack 7 Liters Fog/Pink One Size