Fischer Twin Skin Superlite EF Cross Country Skis


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The Fischer Twin Skin Superlite EF Skis, are for skiers searching for absolute skiing enjoyment. The racer who wants a ski for general touring use will love them. The backcountry explorer who wants a fast workout ski will love them. The master skier who wants something light and easy to ski will love them. The pro instructor who needs to ski on something that can be used for nearly all aspects of cross country skiing is likely using them. Spot a pattern? The Efficient Forward technology gives the body of the ski a previously unreachable elasticity which drives the sporty, ambitious skier to maximize fun with an efficient kick action and an easy-going skiing experience. Think of them like a winter version of running shoes – you might run, or walk, or hike, or go to the grocery store but running shoes are on your feet, and in winter the Fischer Twin Skin Superlite is the equivalent. IFP plate allows Turnamic binding position adjustment. Bindings not included Efficient Forward (EF) camber increases elasticity and improves grip and glide Medium and Stiff flexes available in almost all sizes Profile of 48-44-46mm can be as fast as racing skis but with more stability Twin Skin mohair inserts provide solid grip even on hard snow Skins can be replaced if worn out or damaged Fischer Twin Skin Superlite Sizing Ski Length Medium Flex Stiff Flex 179 cm under 110-130lbs 121-152lbs 184 cm under 121-152lbs 143-174lbs 189 cm 132-163lbs 154-185lbs 194 cm 154-185lbs 165-207lbs 199 cm 165-198lbs 187-229lbs 204 cm 187-198+lbs 209-251lbs