Factor Bike ONE Road Frameset – 2019

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Factor Bikes’ ONE Road Frameset has evolved. Already one of the quickest bikes we’ve ridden, the brand has pushed the boundaries to create an even more stiff, responsive handling, and aerodynamic frame, often thinking outside the box in the quest to achieve these gains. Factor isn’t afraid to push these limits because, well for one it’s a road racing brand with its sole intent of creating fast bikes for the tarmac, and with a lot of its experience coming from Formula One, it tirelessly pours R&D into its products ensuring that it helps achieves more speed in real-world applications on the road and in races. With the new Factor ONE, the brand set its target on creating the fastest road bike ever. The aerodynamic technology and frame construction were heavily influenced by the outgoing ONE with its unique One Total Integration System (OTIS) front end carrying over to this newer model. OTIS enjoys the obvious benefits of presenting a minimal face to the wind (it’s practically two-dimensional head-on) and with the inclusion of an external fairing that rotates with the fork and bars, it disturbs the air as little as possible. These features are designed to work in cahoots with the bifurcated downtube in order to take full advantage of the peculiar design, and without both elements, the significant claims of reduction in air resistance are void. OTIS’s Evo aero bar/stem combo also does its part, helping to increase stiffness while boosting the frame’s aerodynamic benefits. The other benefit to the OTIS’s design is how well it improves the handling on the front end. The responsiveness allows the ONE to gracefully arc through sweeping descents while still apt to dive for the inside line on a 90-degree crit corner on the last lap. It’s simply unflappable and feels positive and snappy on mad dashes to the line and on out of the saddle, short steep climbs. By pairing this impressive stiffness with its refined geometry, the handling is nearly telepathic. A slightly lower…

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