Factor Bike O2 Road Frameset – 2018

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Despite its status as a relative newcomer to the industry, Factor Bikes is already known primarily for its willingness to depart from traditional frame limitations in pursuit of on-road benefits. The O2 Road Frameset represents a different kind of departure for the British brand, eschewing much of the aerodynamic wizardry that defines Factor’s flagship models with a more classic design and some always-appropriate weight loss. Given the fact that so many of the pros at One Pro Cycling are choosing the O2 for all-purpose race applications ranging from the fast courses of Britain and Korea to Utah’s grueling mountains, we believe the results speak for themselves. The O2 doesn’t have the OTIS head tube/fork construction or Twin Vane down tube of Factor’s flagship model, but it does feature the same uncompromising carbon lay-up and an angel-of-the-mountains-worthy 740g of claimed frameset weight. The low weight and deceptively responsive drive spine seem mutually exclusive, but Factor manages to bridge the divide while maintaining an admirable amount of long-mile comfort. It’s not as smooth as an endurance-minded steel frame, but the O2 doesn’t have the ass-on-asphalt punish factor so common in the sub-800g, high-mod category. The O2’s characteristics are the product of a collaboration between some big names in the cycling industry and a big name in automotive aerodynamics. The project was started by bf1systems, a motorsport firm that dabbled in cycling with the revolutionary (and non-race-legal) Factor 001 and Vis Vires framesets. A group of two-wheeled visionaries recognized the potential of bf1systems’ designs, snapped the Factor name and technology up, and have since translated it into race-legal framesets with the ultimate aim of sponsoring a World Tour team. Though not as pronounced as the One and One-S models, the O2’s aerodynamic benefits are still readily apparent to the naked eye. The vertically oriented tubes’ bullet-nose face and truncated tailing edge …