DMM Dragon Cam, Blue, 00


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DMM Active Protection Dragon Cam Blue 00 A73500A. An increased contact area with a raw aluminium finish and additional bite points are the hallmarks of the revolutionary TripleGrip cam lobes. These features combine to increase friction between the cam lobe and the rock. The result is greater holding power and reduced walking particularly in slick or soft rock types and sub-optimal placements. Single stem dual axle design gives the Dragons 360 flexibility and the greatest expansion range increasing both performance in sub-optimal placements and your chance of getting the right placement the first time. The hot forged thumb press improves ergonomics while reducing the chance of a fumble from gloved hands or pumped fingers while the extendable sling cuts down on quickdraws needed to extend placements significantly reducing weight on your harness. The design of the thumb press means that the strength of the Dragon suffers no compromise when the sling is extended. The Dragons low weight does not compromise its strength they are rated to a huge 14kN from size 1 upward and the additional material in the lobes has improved their resistance to deformation.