Disc-O-Bed Disc-Pad, Custom Desgined Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Disc-O-Bed, Grey


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Disc-O-Bed Camp & Hike Disc-Pad Custom Desgined Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Grey 50001. The Disc Pad fits all adult Disc Bed cot systems as well as most other cots on the market today. This durable sleeping pad uses unique body mapping technology along with design features to help minimize air movement and maximize your overall comfort. It is easily inflated using only 10 -15 breaths so you can go from hiking to sleeping in no time. The three non-slip silicone treatments will limit movement of the Disc Pad when in use while the multiple channels help center you on the pad and inhibit air movement while tossing and turning. A custom designed head section provides superior support no matter how you sleep be it on your side back or stomach. Made with a soft polyester material thats not only smooth to the touch but also reduces noise so youre assured a quiet comfortable sleep – all night long. Patch kit together with drawstring stuff sack included for easy storage and transportation.