Demo,Thermarest EvoLite Sleeping Pad Irregular-Large

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Thermarest Backpacking Pads Demo Evolite Sleeping Pad Irregular-Large 341311DEMO. Irregular items have visual defects that occurred during the manufacturing process. These cometic defects do not effect the performance functionality or warranty of the product. Types of cosmetic defects could include but are not limited to are: blurry logos or discolored fabrics. These products retain the full 60 day return policy from and also the lifetime warranty from Therm-A-Rest. Air mattress fans rave about ultralight compactness while self-inflating mattress fans hold fast to stable comfort and convenience. Well what if you could have both? With the Therm A Rest EvoLite Pad you gain the high loft and compactness of an air mattress with the comfort and stabilization of self-inflation.