Cervelo P3 Ultegra Di2 R8050 Road Bike

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Cervelo’s P3 is a longstanding icon in triathlon and time trial circuits, representing the standard by which other bikes were judged for over a decade. Offering real-world aerodynamics, easy packing for travel, accessible storage options, and a widely adjustable fit, the P3 has become a mainstay at everything from regional races all the way up to the Kona Ironman World Championships. And while the P5 now sits in the top spot of Cervelo’s UCI-legal offerings, the P3 is still a close rival when it comes to aerodynamic performance. The difference lies in the P3’s slightly less aggressive geometry and greater ease of use, making it a better option for riders needing a fast, but approachable bike for training and racing. This particular model, the P3 Ultegra Di2 R8050 Complete Bike, is Cervelo’s flagship P3 build, coming equipped with Shimano’s workhorse electronic drivetrain that provides you with quick shifting and reliable performance for many seasons to come. Out of all the bike’s features, the P3’s refined aerodynamics have the biggest impact on your speed. Cervelo applies their collective knowledge from years of building some of the fastest aero bikes in the world to the current iteration of the P3 frame. The head tube and fork present the smallest frontal area possible, working with the the TrueAero tube shapes to reduce drag when you’re sprinting across the tarmac. An extended seat tube cutout shields the leading edge of the rear wheel, also contributing to the bike’s impressive aerodynamic performance. Additionally, the P3 can easily be upgraded with more aerodynamic wheels or cockpit, allowing you to work toward even greater aero performance in the future. Adding to the P3’s impressive aerodynamics are its user-friendly performance features. First off, the P3 has flexible storage options. In addition to the standard water bottle mounts, there’s an accessory mount on the top tube behind the stem, and another opening on the back end of the seat post that can…