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The Blue Ice Bluebird Ice Axe is a classic, all-purpose mountaineering piolet for steep snow and non-technical ice. The Bluebird is our classic do-it-all piolet. Designed, built and refined for steep ice and snow, this forged stainless steel ice axe is the culmination of decades of inspiration and experience. 10% lighter than its predecessor, this beautiful piece of gear will accompany you on countless high mountain adventures, endure limitless abuse, and still be worth placing above your mantle in the future when you are sharing stories with your grandkids. the pick and the shaft are lighter, yet extremely robust the upper part of the pick offers excellent grip (comfortable supporting surface) the profile of the pick, for sure and stable anchoring the toothed steel pick, thinner and durable at the tip (3 mm) the stainless steel spike, for very good penetration in hard snow Certification(s): CE, UIAA Ice axe sold with LINKIN leash