Black Diamond Miniwire Alpine Quickdraw 3 Packs, 100% Dynex Runner


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Black Diamond Carabiners Miniwire Alpine Quickdraw 3 Packs 100percent Dynex Runner BD3811330000ALL1. For starters these Quickdraws by Black Diamond are outfitted with a light fully-functional MiniWire carabiner that is easily clipped into a harness or a rope with an attached Dynex runner that is incredibly resistant to wear and tear. If you have a nonexistent rack then these Black Diamond MiniWire 3rd Party Quickdraws could potentially save your life as they are great for extending placements and roping up tricky trees. They are also a great choice for children since they have top wire gates and an intuitive nose shape that kids will latch onto. Plus these are incredibly durable and resist wear and tear much better than regular carabiners. Pick up a pair of Black Diamond MiniWire Alpine Quickdraws to have all the protection you need while exploring the mountains.