Atlas Rendezvous Snowshoes 2020

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A lightweight and comfortable snowshoe, the Atlas Rendezvous is made with a Light-Ride Suspension for efficiency and function in every step. The Strapp Binding provides molded arch support and no hassle straps for a more minimalist feel. With the Nytex Decking, it’s more forgiving and durable without adding additional weight. With the Heel Cleat, you’ll feel more traction when climbing and descending on a variety of terrain, while the Twin-Trac Toe Crampon keeps your foot from twisting. V-Frame, Light-Ride Suspension, Strapp Binding, Nytex Decking, Twin-Trac Toe Crampon, Elektra Design, Heel Cleat, Size: 25- 25 in (64 cm), 30- 30 in (76 cm), Surface Area: 25- 176 sq. in (1135 sq. cm), 30- 222 sq. in (1432 sq. cm), Weight: 25- 3.38 lbs. (1.53 kg), 30- 3.73 lbs. (1.69 kg), Load: 25- 120-200 lbs. (54-91 kg), 30- 150-250+ lbs. (68-113+ kg), Model Year: 2020, Product ID: 565115, Shipping Restriction: This item is not available for shipment outside of the United States., Model Number: U190100501250, GTIN: 0886745820147